Creative Intervention

826 Valencia, featured in the second of the Intervention videos, is a prime example of creative writing outreach for gifted and creative students. The workshops, established and run almost entirely by vo826-national.giflunteers, seek to provide a place where creative children may work on expressing themselves through the written word. Each site - one in San Francisco, Washington D.C., Ann Arbor, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston - provides a storefront where everything from pirate supplies to the latest groundbreaking Bigfoot research may be found. Such organizations highlight the necessity of interventions with urban youth who may otherwise not have the opportunity to utilize creative writing as a means of effectively expressing themselves in productive ways.

Each site has created a unique environment in which students may write and create.

Maladaptation can sometimes be a tricky term in psychology; there is actually little agreement on the term. For a table which attempts to organize definitions and methods of maladaption, click here.

Maladaptive behaviors, as was mentioned in the above videos, tend to be heightened and sever in gifted and highly creative populations. A table outlining several maladaptive outcomes in gifted and creative individuals can be found here.

For a table breakdown of Dabrowski's (1973) Levels of Disintegration, click here.

Though OEs and psychic intensity are mentioned quite a bit, we sometimes divorce the theory from its influence on the gifted and creative individual. A short breakdown may be found here.

For a table breakdown of the three main OEs related to gifted and highly creative individuals, click here.